My name is Rachel Leanna Crosby, the artist behind Leanna’s Art. I am a self taught artist residing in the beautiful state of Colorado. My artistic journey began at a young age and since then blossomed into a passion I want to share. 

While exploring many different styles, mediums and subjects over these years I’ve began to gravitate to one subject matter in particular; The Black experience. My passion and love for my culture is a story that needs to be told, and as I am a storyteller through my work I am grateful I can create and share those stories with you. 

I believe in art. I believe the power art holds in hands of leaders, communities, children, adults, neighborhoods and in our world. I want my people to be remembered as beautiful, strong and SEEN. Since art is a way to hold history in time; I will showcase as much of my history, life and experiences as I can. 

To quote the late James Baldwin, “Artists are here to disturb the peace.” I believe that through my work I will be able to do just that, disturb the peace. Whether my painting calls attention to the socio political issues of today or calls attention to the beauty of things that we can sometimes forget to appreciate, I will continue to shed light on them with my art. 

I appreciate you taking the time to explore my work and I hope you see something here that allows you to think, discuss, reminisce, relate or appreciate. 

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